My Photo Page!!!! Mi Pagina de Fotos!!!!
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My Photo Collection/ Mi coleccion de fotos!!
This is a collection of pictures of family, friends, and artists that I have had the fortune to meet. Enjoy!!!

Esta es una coleccion de fotos de mi familia, amigos(as) y de artistas que he tenido la oportunidad de conocer, Disfrutenlos!!

Me and Emilio Navaira @ an autograph party!!!! 1994

My 2 adorable Godsons, Mickey (4) and Tavito (2)!

The newest addition to the family, Yelina Nicole Candelaria (1 month)

Myself with El Temerario menor, Gustavo Angel in 1997!!!

My parents welcoming Yelina! (4/30/04)

Myself with Elvis Crespo @ a concert intown, in 2001!!!!!!

My cousin Bobby and his wife Suheily on their graduation from the U.S. Air Force Academy! CONGRATS!

My mom, dad, and Juan Gabriel when he first began his singing carreer!

Juan Gabriel @ my tio Pablo's house!

(L-R) Uncle Leonard, Maria Felix,mom, Suheily, Grandma Gloria, Bobby, Tia Carmen, Aunt Lily, and below, me!

(L-R)Tia Tencha, Juan Gabriel, Tio Pablo, & Tio Martin, @ Tio Pablo's home!

(L-R)Dad, Juan Gabriel, Tio Pablo, & Tio Martin!

On our trip to Colorado Springs, at "The Garden of The Gods" (L-R) Aunt Lily, Grandma Gloria, cousin Lilian, Tia Carmen, mom, Uncle Leonard, (below) Jeremy and myself!

Another pic at "The Garden of The Gods" at Colorado Springs!

Hispanic Music Conference 2003 at NMSU, (L-R) Sra. Saucedo, Pedro Santacruz, Yvonne Gutierrez, Betsy Terrazas

My wonderful parents with my Godson Gustavito!

Graduation Mass 2004, (L-R) Carlos Gamez (flute), Me (piano), Pedro Santacruz (guitar)

Mickey and me!

My beautiful cuz Lilian on her wedding day! Doesn't she just look like a model!? Very beautiful!

My adorable Godson Gustavito Angel Candelaria at age 2!

My cuz Luis on his wedding day! Dec. 2002 ! CONGRATULATIONS!

Yelina Nicole at her "Welcome Home" party!

Another picture of Yelina!

The proud mama! My sister Imelda and her new born Yelina!

(L-R) Grandma Gloria, tia Carmen, cousin Bobby, Mom, and myself

Yet another picture at Colorado Springs, "The Garden of The Gods"

The proud daddy! My brother-in-law, Jorge, with his new daughter Yelina!

Myself with Yelina!

The 2 BIG brothers with their sister. Mickey, Tavito, and Yelina Candelaria

My eldest sister Sonia, on her graduation of Cosmetology. 1994